Explanation Why SmokeTip Electronic Cigarettes Are Smarter Than Regular Cigarettes

Many smokers have switched to e-cigarettes completely changing the way they smoke. These devices imitate the act of traditional cigarette smoking, but with benefits. SmokeTip e cigs offer chemical free as well as monetary advantages.

Electronic cigarette smokers are not exposed to certain health risks associated with smoking tobacco. There are over 4,000 harmful substances in traditional cigarette smoke, according to studies. Many of them are carcinogens which are substances that can cause cancer development. Likewise, there are many cardiovascular diseases linked to smoking tobacco.

People around SmokeTip smokers, including loved ones, are safeguarded from the various health risks because these devices do not emit secondhand smoke. A vapor is the only thing emitted when smoking electronic cigarettes. It is believed that secondhand smoke is more dangerous than firsthand smoke. The chemicals are still intact since the smoke does not pass through the filter.

Curbing addiction to nicotine is possible. The amount of nicotine in e-juice or e-liquid varies in strength (16 mg, 12 mg and 6 mg). Smokers who wish to someday rid themselves of nicotine addiction may start with high nicotine strengths, and gradually move to lower strengths. In fact, some brands offer cartridges containing absolutely no nicotine for those who simply wish to enjoy the physical sensation of smoking.

Other than the nicotine strength, the flavors also vary. SmokeTip enables smokers to try something different than the usual regular tobacco or menthol flavors. Smokers can find fun flavors to experiment with such as chocolate, vanilla, coffee, peach, apple, cherry, strawberry, almond and clove.

These devices are cheaper compared to smoking traditional cigarettes. According to the manufacturers, a pre-filled SmokeTip cartridge is equivalent to over one pack of regular cigarettes. Of course, smokers must first buy a starter kit. However, the money-saving advantages will surface.

SmokeTip smokers will find it possible to have their nicotine fix anytime and anywhere. Users of these electric devices will find they no longer have to rush to the smoking area. They may enjoy vaping in the mall, office, restaurant, and many other public places. Policies regarding the use of these devices may still differ from one place to another.

Using e cigs can help enhance a smoker’s social life. No one in their circle of friends will talk about stained teeth and smoker’s breath. E cig users can impress everyone by smelling and looking good all the time. Since there is no reason to use a lighter a fire risk is eliminated. Smokers need not worry about accidentally burning down the house.

SmokeTip electronic cigarettes are better than traditional cigarettes. They offer a convenient starter kit at an affordable price. Although the price is affordable, they do not compromise their product’s quality. Considering the facts will help smokers decide whether or not to make that switch.

Choosing the best smokeless cigarette is not difficult when you go to the Smoketip review available online. Complete electronic cigarette reviews can be studied and compared on a website dedicated to the sharing of product information.

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