Exercise after hCG Diet: Sumo Deadlift at Crossfit – Lifting 132 lbs 5x

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25 thoughts on “Exercise after hCG Diet: Sumo Deadlift at Crossfit – Lifting 132 lbs 5x

  1. Great Job! I’ve seen most of your vids and admire you. I am in Phase 3 of
    my HCG Journey, but am antsy to begin Crossfit to tone up my body. HCG has
    been good to me as I lost a total of 27lbs on it. You look awesome, keep it
    up 🙂

  2. You look GREAT. The PT trainee in me has to tell you not to lock your
    knees, though 😉 Also, are your hands supposed to be one palm up and one
    palm down? Just curious! But you look so FIT. Good job.

  3. Thank you for that! I’m still learning- there is so much to all the
    different movements- I keep forgetting many things. Yes the palm up palm
    down is for when you are lifting heavier weights- it makes it easier to
    keep your grip on when it’s that heavy. For lighter weights we wouldn’t do
    it. Thanks so much!!

  4. Thanks much! Crossfit is soo awesome you’ll love it! I still need to record
    one of our crazy major high intensity interval workouts.

  5. I know I’ve heard so many good things about their programs. I’ll be waiting
    for the next vid you post on it 🙂

  6. Love seeing this !!!! i am going to the gym on p2 rigjt now bit just doing
    some light cardio and very light weights (what are your thoughts on that)
    also i love that u are keeping up with the fellas : ) also gotta love that
    song playing in the background haha thanks for this vlog cant wait to see
    more like this !!!

  7. Lol I wasn’t even paying attention to the song- I have no idea what it is-
    I’m so not auditory. I can’t seem to handle exercise on P2 myself, but I
    have seen a number who have done okay with it. You’ll have to listen to
    your own body on that one. My weightloss seemed to stop cold when I did it-
    just too much at once for my own body I guess.

  8. That’s Awesome, you look great!! I cant wait to start doing crossfit looks
    like a lot of fun 🙂

  9. Lol me neither! I can lift over 100 lbs but I can’t open a jar and have to
    ask hubby lol. :)-

  10. Oh, I didn’t know that about the one hand up, one down. Interesting. Keep
    up the good work!

  11. You it’s funny- I’ll have to ask the trainers at crossfit- but have you
    done the heavy weightlifting thing? I’m actually thinking that you have to
    lock the knees out at the top for heavy weights like this because it’s so
    heavy- i mean it’s more than I weigh- I don’t think it would be possible to
    keep the knees unlocked- I’ll have to ask though it’s a good question, I’m
    glad you brought it up.

  12. Hi Andrea- You know I personally did not- I stop crossfit completely while
    on hCG then get right back to it after the round is over. Some people can
    continue exercise while on hCG, but of course Crossfit is just SO intense,
    i highly doubt you could keep it up- I would be especially concerned with
    heavy weightlifting because I just don’t think you’re taking in enough
    protein to rebuild muscle- 3-6 weeks is very short in the long term and I
    have always felt back to my normal self….cont…

  13. in like 3 sessions back- and in some ways I’ve actually gotten stronger
    while I was away- for instance, my last round I lost so much fat and body
    fat percent that I could suddenly do a full pull-up overnight, when I
    couldn’t do so this whole past year. I hope that helps!

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