Exercise AFTER hCG Diet – Is It Important?

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10 thoughts on “Exercise AFTER hCG Diet – Is It Important?

  1. Is it okay to lose more then 2 lbs during p3? I want to start exercising
    during P3 but I’m worried about getting out of the 2 lb range. I’m doing
    another round after the 6 weeks.

  2. Excellent vlog – you so elegantly articulated some great points regarding
    the role that being active has in maintenance and so happy that you have
    achieved such freedom – it gives me hope that one day I will be there to

  3. ok this is a little off topic but I am almost done with my HCG and have a
    lot left and was thinking about just using it until it’s gone what do you
    think, is this normal? Thanks love all of your videos HCG Chica!!!

  4. Hey girl! I think if you are feeling well and healthy and you have more
    weight to lose, then you could extend if you chose- this isn’t medical
    advice just what I might do if I were in your shoes- as long as my head was
    in the gain and I could go further, I might go a bit longer. hope that

  5. Aww thanks! It certainly is a long process learning how to view ourselves
    in the right way compared to what tv and everything around us portrays.

  6. You know- for me personally, I don’t go by the 2 lb window because of that
    very fact that I’m gaining muscle, etc.- but I do have a gauge which is
    hydrostatic body fat testing to know where I’m at which is helpful. It’s
    definitely a personal decision- my ability to keep my fat off I feel has
    not been harmed by exercising in p3 and ignoring the 2lb rule, but I’m also
    smart about it and make sure I’m eating clean and doing the body fat
    testing etc. I hope that helps you.

  7. Thank you so much for always taking time out and answering my questions it
    means a lot. I am very thankful for you videos!

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