Epic Q&A (Part 4/4) | HCG With TRT, Major Depression, Self Confidence, Depersonalization + MORE

0:01 Do you take HCG along with your testosterone? 0:10 Have you ever tried any TRT alternatives? 0:36 How was your life in high school? Any funny stories? 1…

15 thoughts on “Epic Q&A (Part 4/4) | HCG With TRT, Major Depression, Self Confidence, Depersonalization + MORE

  1. So cool to hear you speak Spanish. Thanks for answering all our questions.
    You shoot from the hip. I guess its all from the squats and hip flexor
    movements you do!

  2. Thx for the reply Noah!!! Your Spanish is killer. I loved hearin it!!! Keep
    up the great vids man! Paz fuera! Tu amigo, -Bo

  3. Hey bud I really appreciate how you are using your own problems to help
    others. We all should strive to be so caring. I too am on trt. 200 mg every
    two weeks.

  4. Hi BigNoKnow!! It’s always fun to watch your videos and of course, to learn
    from them as well…, I, myself, gonna take the opportunity to ask you a
    question too. You obviously have great body (not mentioning how handsome
    you are too) so, my question is, keeping in mind all those qualities, have
    you considered working in the modeling industry or porn industry??? I heard
    they pay very well!!! Regarding your Spanish, when you said “es dificil
    decidir cuantos…” Which means “it’s hard to decide how many…” I guess
    you meant to say “es dificil decir cuantos…” Which means “it’s hard to
    tell how many…” Other than that, your Spanish is great! Keep it up!!

  5. Hey Noah how can I message you on Youtube? Can you give me the link to your

  6. Noah all your videos rock brother. Me da mucho gusto ver que puedes ayudar
    a tanta jente con tus experiencias personales. Keep up the good work bro!!!

  7. 7:29 Noah, I told you, you’re becoming famous 😛

    I didn’t have any questions to ask, but I enjoyed this whole Q&A cluster of
    videos very much!

    And I can’t believe how fluent you are in Spanish, how do you know Spanish
    so well!?

  8. BigNoknow KNOCKS IT OUTTA THE PARK ONCE AGAIN… excellent common sense
    video dude.

  9. Bro have you done a video on how your creatine supplement review video. I
    saw the first one before you started taking it. I would really like to see
    a follow up a month or so after you were taking creatine with TRT.

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