Easy and Effective Stomach Flattening Exercises for Women

If you’re anything like the majority of women, you most likely wished that your stomach was flatter than it is now. Women commonly develop a distinct pouch after child birth and becoming older. Nevertheless it does not necessarily have to be this way. So, below are some of the few stomach flattening exercises to get rid of that belly and have that perfect abs you wanted for so long.

The Stretch Crunch

The stretch crunch is a great stomach flattening exercise that could be results driven and even easy for beginners. This is performed through lying on your back, with your arms expanded above your head and keeping your legs together in place. Then what you do is flex your stomach muscles while folding your right knee. You have to slightly lift your shoulders off the floor while bringing your arms forward retaining a straight position. You rest your stomach muscles, and then return from the beginning. Do the process alternatively knee til you have 10-15 total reps.

The Twister

The Twister is another one great stomach flattening exercise. This sort of exercise is much more advanced when compared to the previous one, so before you proceed to this make sure you are comfortable. Expect your stomach muscles will hurt a little right after the workout but try not to be alarmed this is exactly far from sore muscles and injury.

To perform the twister, you should lie down on your back first. Join your hands and set them next to the head as you cross your ankles and raise your feet making them above your knees. Proceed to raise your head and shoulders off the ground while contracting your stomach muscles and twisting your upper body on the right so that you will reach your left elbow on your right knee. Then go back to the starting position. Perform this exercise on the opposite side and strive to produce a at least 10 repetitions.

Scissor Kicks

The last stomach flattening exercise will be the scissor kicks. Similar with the other exercises, you begin by lying on the floor then put your arms on the sides placing your palms face down. Lift up your legs and create a 45 degree angle, then slowly open them getting a wide V-shape. Try to contract your stomach muscles by raising the head and shoulders off the ground. After that, put your legs together and cross it to create an X-shape. Unlock and spread your legs back into a V shape. Once again, make an effort to get 10-15 reps.

Remember; remember to speak with your doctor if you’re unsure about whether you could perform these stomach flattening exercises.

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