Dr. Simeons Kevin Trudeau’s Weight Loss Cure Phaze 2 Update

Do your research!

25 thoughts on “Dr. Simeons Kevin Trudeau’s Weight Loss Cure Phaze 2 Update

  1. Read the book front to back. Intrigued, I spent 2 weeks intently,
    obsessively researching HCG on the net. Found negative stuff about Mr.
    Trudeau here and there, but nothing at all, but positive things about the
    HCG protocol. I’ve found you, now. I’m watchin’you man!

  2. You have 1 problem now, man. You’ve gone and broadcast yourself. You are
    affecting my life by your experiences! Do NOT stop the protocol or the
    updates! I am itching to see your next update! please don’t deviate from
    the book one bit. I am very interested.

  3. Funny thing about the naysayers saying it is expensive, extreme, risky,
    snake oil. If stomach stapling/banding, liposuction, etc. are not extreme
    and risky, what is? This is pain-free, and safe, and healthy.

  4. Last comment. I will do the protocol when I can afford it. My plan was to
    make a video as well. I will keep in touch, and upload my video at the end.
    I will take a photo every day, and link them together into a video of me
    shrinking! 1 thing that really interests me, is the lack of skin sag after.
    Let us know.

  5. Gary Null is NOT a doctor. He has NO legitimate medical credentials. STFU
    conspiracy nut.

  6. A body fat machine?!?! hCG has been found ineffective. Why do promoters
    claim the research studies were done the WRONG way? Because they used
    scientific method! That’s right. Double blind with comparison and control
    groups! Oh I have read all of his books (research for Wikipedia). It’s
    garbage. One last thing. You seem to be quite the KT apologist.

  7. I am not saying they didn’t have a “scientific” environment. I am saying
    they didn’t follow the protocol correctly. Besides, why do you care? Leave

  8. I care because I don’t like you folks that put out articles/videos like
    this while really just peddling Trudeau (or some other quacks) garbage. The
    protocols were done right. Read the research data. It’s there in black and
    white. Perhaps it’s like Dr. Linus Pauling. Everytime he was debunked he
    would claim “they” didn’t do something right. This was despite the fact
    that he continually contradicted himself and his own published nonsense.

  9. Marketing????? I AM NOT SELLING ANYTHING!!!!! What Lie?? I have not lied
    about anything.

  10. Phaze one is very effective for cleansing your body and getting it ready to
    loose weight. It also will get you used to eating organic foods if you
    aren’t already. I also dropped about 4 lbs during phaze 1

  11. 10 times more?? No,about 10%-20% more. But, no you don’t “Have” to. I don’t
    know why you wouldn’t want to though. To not have the problem of being
    overweight again you have to fix the cause of the problem. The cause is
    greatly because of the food we eat that has all the hormones, pesticides,
    added extra complimentary bonus additives, sugars, dyes etc. etc. etc. So I
    would definately go organic.

  12. i dont work for anything to do with kevin trudeau, kevin just trys to help
    people, he is a reasearcher, he doesn’t make these cures he finds them, he
    doesn’t scam anyone,

  13. well just watched your video, but did u get the natural cures book isnt
    that supose to be the cure…..or is it a bit more than that.

  14. HCG is NOT dangerous. There are no studies that prove that and all of the
    studies prove that they are just fine to take and have no side effects.

  15. do you know what else makes you skinny? Cocain, i bet if dr. simeons knew
    that in the 60’s, maybe he would advertise that too, think about that.
    About kevin trdeau, charlatans are older than dinosaures.. : )

  16. Can you email me at my private email. I would like to ask some questions –
    more than I want to write here. I saw your video re: getting a website up
    for us HcG ppl. I think that is a great idea. As for the naysayers – ignore

  17. actually ive seen anywhere from just as much to 3 times as much depending
    on alot of things including the food, 10 times is a joke.

  18. Trudeau recommends injecting yourself with hCG? lol, why? to convince
    people you’re pregnant? hahaha

  19. Hey man i am very interested in this product but i dont wanna take the
    shots have you tryed the other ways to take hcg shots feel free to email me

  20. i did hcg and lost 38 lbs in 40 days…i cheated 2 days tho…i lost 3lbs
    my first day

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