Dr Oz Show Agrees With Colin F Watson’s – Advanced HCG Diet Protocol

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20 thoughts on “Dr Oz Show Agrees With Colin F Watson’s – Advanced HCG Diet Protocol

  1. All I can tell you is that my experience of coaching well over 3,000
    people, most weight related hypertension is extremely improved or
    completely corrected with the use of this protocol…

  2. I’m doing the HCG program on my own and found your book after the fact
    (“How To Feel Good Naked . . . “). I like the idea of the exercise, but
    don’t see it in this book. Where can I get your high intensity interval
    exercise program?

  3. I havent been on your website in awhile can you go over which package or
    hcg process is good. Im 24 weight 159 , height 5’5

  4. Colin, I think the last thing you need to do is associate yourself with Dr.
    Oz. He is quickly becoming the laughing stock of the medical community, due
    to his overzealous reviews on weight loss products, many of which don’t do
    anything for most people. He has touted everything from Rasberry Ketones to
    Sensa, and doesn’t seem to care when people complain how these products did
    nothing for them. He jumps on every weight loss bandwagon it seems, just
    for advertising cash. Stay away from him Colin!

  5. Gurl…. I’ve been on it for 11 days & have lost 15 inches w/o hunger.
    Don’t knock it until you try it. ♥

  6. You need to look at the comments from people who have already been on it.
    When you do, you will notice that losing the weight isn’t the issue..it
    does come easy for most people and the hunger is gone. The issue is that
    the weight for most ALWAYS comes back. That is why you keep seeing the same
    people do it over and over again. For most, once you go back to eating real
    food, the weight comes back as quickly as it was lost..sadly. =(

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  9. My husband and I have been on the protocol and he has been so excited about
    his weight loss that although he is still 12 pounds from his goal, he has
    been trying to achieve his goal of running in a marathon, starting, of
    course, with a 5k. He has been reading all the “running books” he can get
    his hands on and they all tell him to eat carbs for energy, as an HCG user,
    what should he do for energy? He runs an average of 5 miles a day.

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    easy way for you to lose fat fast.

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    easy way to burn up fat fast.

  12. Where can we get your book, I have bought the hormones of your website
    before and they do work! But i would like to work out while on hcg without
    seing a gain the day after, please help me! Thank you so much

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