Robin discusses the 500 iu’s/1000+ kcal diet that Dr. Emma discussed on the Dr. Oz show. Does it make sense???? SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT WITH ROBIN TODAY: htt…

17 thoughts on “DR. EMMA’S HCG DIET

  1. Obviously, you’re talking way over my head here. Although, I’m starting to
    understand a little bit more, as time goes on and continue to read or watch
    your vlogs. It does take me awhile to process all this. I still don’t
    understand the difference between “diet” and the “protocol” Why is this
    protocol not a considered a “diet” It’s a way of eating, I thought. Just
    trying to figure this out Robin. I swear just when I think I have it all
    figured out, I find I am way off.

  2. Do you think she doubled the dose, to double the food, to make it sellable
    without all the ignorant criticism? In other words, the general public who
    heard “500 calories” and shy’d away are now more likely to try?

  3. I’ve been participating in the Hcg community (on and off)…yes, diet
    slut…for many years, and have been surprised that there have not been
    more commercial enterprises. However, the big AHA came to me when YOU
    published your book. have watched your vlogs and feel for the first time I
    just might make it to “normal!” I rather think of you as an Hcg “Johnny
    Appleseed” spreading the word for the good of the world. I feel sorry for
    Dr. Emma’s patients, but happy I am not one of them! Thank you!

  4. Woa!!! 500iu dose???? I did not know that. I definitely disagree re muscle
    sparing from higher dose- I’ve lost very little muscle from taking 125iu
    injections. I’m going to link to this vlog in my article regarding the
    recent oz show. Thanks for the extra details. Yes I saw the patent thing on
    her site and that definitely made me question the intention on her site

  5. Hi Robin. Loving your vlogs. I am using prescribed HCG sublingual pellets.
    They look like little red jello squares (tastes like jello too). How do I
    know if I am getting the correct dosage? I take them 2 times a day (morning
    and then at 4pm).

  6. My coworkers laughed when I told them I was going to burn calories with
    “Shatter Weight Loss”, but then I showed them the results. Go google
    “Shatter Weight Loss” to see their reaction. (It was epic!)

  7. Have you experienced “Blazing Fat Loss”? (Google it) It is a quick and easy
    way to burn calories fast.

  8. I hope this video I just shot sheds light on these misconceptions. See it
    here: watch?v=2mzLaW3Wruo

  9. Hi Robyn! I am not sure you will see this….but does your book cover the
    upregulation of mitochondria? Interesting topic! I read your book but it
    has been awhile 🙂 – love it!

  10. “If its a diet its never going to work”…. Really? Speaking of

  11. Wow, ok…Dr. Emma does say that it totally is a diet and the HCG just
    changes how you lose and transform your body. You kinda lost your
    credibility by filming yourself in a car from that angle.

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