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  1. im just to scared to take steroids to be completley honest… i dont know
    how my body will react, and on top of that i have bad anxiety so im sure i
    would freak out. i just stick with test boosters

  2. Great points Rich, but why would you want to take all that and still look
    the same for 4 years?

  3. Is Rich and Bostin the only bodybuilders that talk about using gear on

  4. Question are you still fertile after cycling HCG with Test on your method?
    3 on test 3 off or 1 off.

  5. HUGE amounts of respect for this guy. Being honest in the fitness industry
    takes some balls. mad respect.

  6. What do you guys think about OTC (over the counter) PCTs. There are many
    many products that they sell legally online. Mostly they contain some
    herbal shits, like tribulus, etc. Some BB Forums recommend using a whole
    stack of these “PCT” Products but the stack costs more than the the steroid
    cycle, I find this ridiculous.

  7. Hey, Rich, awesome vids and I really appreciate your honesty! Btw, could
    you do a video on prohormones/designer steroids? A lot of people get
    incredible results, and the compunds work in similiar ways like classic
    steroids. Many of the compounds are legal which already is a great benefit
    for people who don’t have any “steroid connections” and struggle to find
    any reliable source. What are your take on these legal alternatives to the
    real deal?

  8. Hi Rich, would it make sense for a guy in his forties who doesn’t (yet, HRT
    will become necessary down the road) want to take steroids, to use HCG,
    clomid and maybe nolvadex? Would that work?

  9. a few things i personally think about after hearing all your words. taking
    5000 bidaily not too much but is too expensive so not everyone can take
    your advice. so whats the point? those rich people have better ways of
    getting big. an average joe like me cant possibly afford 5000 individ units
    every other day so there goes 99% of viewers. your physique is good no
    doubt but is not an indication of the truth is what you say. you might say
    look im big, which is true, and then you say I get a good hair cut at the
    great clipper and so should you because im big, right? well yeah but no.
    you might have been working out since you were 16 and you are big by now,
    it may or may not have to do with how you take hcg and test. you might have
    been born big. its no reason for what you say is true. unless its
    experimented …. wait for it … under controlled environment where the
    only thing, THE ONLY SOLITARY THING thats changing is how you cycle hcg,
    which is not the case obviously. so you cant just say im big therefore how
    i take hcg is the right way. or prove me wrong by documenting the
    CONTROLLED environment criteria. last thing is that think about why your
    body stops making test when you inject test? because excess amount is
    present so there is no need for testicles to produce any test. but if you
    send signal to DO make test, you will only end up with even more test than
    you would have otherwise. its a chain effect, link one is stop making test,
    link to that binds to it is DO make test and at the end of the chain it
    resolves the most recent updated message so your body does make test. plus
    hcg is a complimentary fat burning anabolic agent so it doesnt hurt to
    cycle it with. and then run nolva for pct. 

  10. I like you Rich so no hate, but the logic is flawed slightly. Your
    testicles arent being told to turn off. They are just not being told to
    stay on, and hence atrophy. Much like how a muscle would atrophy without

  11. Hey rich im starting my first cycle soon as i get everything. my test and
    nolvadex and hcg dont want to start with anything missing.. im doing a 12
    week cycle on test and i was thinking deca also with test.. so after my
    last injection, a week later start taking hcg? And how much do i take? For
    how long? And when do i start my pct? Im new to this and just trying to do
    everything the right way and get right info before i start. Im seeing to
    many different opinions on the internet and i would rather get the info
    from you because i know that you know your stuff about all of this. can you
    please let me know when you get a chance Thanks i would really appreciate
    the help..

  12. Rich lacks a basic understanding of the endocrine system and the HPT Axis.
    HCG is a gonadotrophin, it’s effects are not affected by wether if you are
    on a suppressive compound or not, gonadotropins only act on gonads, while
    whichever compound you might be on acts on the pituitary. HCG only triggers
    the testicles to produce endogenous testosterone, if you’re on exogenous
    test, this exogenous hormones won’t have any effect in natural testosterone
    production if you are stimulating it with hcg. Also, the suppressive signal
    isn’t actually a signal, its in fact the lack of a signal (LH), caused by
    exogenous hormones, that shuts production down.

  13. Hey Rich would you say your test levels are just as high when using 5000 iu
    EOD of hCG as they are when your using your typical dose of gear? Also I
    am very interested to know, lets say you do a 3 month cycle and than do
    your hCG protocol, if you stop the hCG and don’t go right back on the gear
    what happens? Are your balls back online and working like normal or are
    they so desensitized by the test and hCG that they don’t work on their own?
    I really hope u can answer this.

  14. Do you take hcg and the pct for the whole 3 months off or just the 1st
    month of when you get of the cycle


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