Comparing IM shot with SQ shot- HCG

11 thoughts on “Comparing IM shot with SQ shot- HCG

  1. Injection air into the bottle so you can get the solution to come back out.
    That will keep it from being a vaccum and causing you so much trouble. You
    need to aspirate the needle for you inject to make sure you have not hit a
    vein and then injection.

  2. @transgaur Of course it works for women! My friend is on it and Im starting
    my own vid about this, cause I have this as well and Im going to do start
    to finish..! But sadly men lose faster than women…GO FIGURE!

  3. Can yo tell me where I can get the b 12 and the HCG please. I have tried
    the HCG drops and it has not worked I haven’t lost a pound

  4. @FORMEDBYTOI get hcg from alldaychemist . com and order Ovidac or Hucog
    5000IU. Then go to missourimedicalsupplies . com and order 1
    “bacteriostatic water” and 1 or 2 “empty vials”. Go to walmart and buy 100
    insulin needles – 31 gauge, 8mm short needles ($12.50 for a box) and some
    alcohol swabs. There u go!

  5. @transgaur HCG works and it is amazing! uses your stored fat and makes u
    lose inches like crazy

  6. dun u hv to check if there’s blood in e solution b4 injecting all of it???

  7. Oh you may not want to take b12 shots my mom was on it for a year monthly
    shot and got cancer. Only later to find out when she was in the cancer ward
    that b12 causes cancer. Her cancer grew fast in 1 year. She’s now past
    away. Just thought you should be aware.

  8. Once you’ve cleaned the area that you’re going to inject, you shouldn’t
    touch it, lol. Then you might as well not bother cleaning it.

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