Cleansing for the HCG Diet. Detoxify the Colon. Why to Cleanse the Colon before the HCG Diet? Detoxifying the Colon helps maximize the release of toxins st…

7 thoughts on “Cleansing for the HCG Diet. Detoxify the Colon.

  1. I heard I could lose 10 to 15 lbs by cleansing the hardened fecal matter
    from my colon. I have got to try this. Kinda gross sounding, huh…

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  4. Yea, fecal matter is definately a gross thought, but you are right about
    losing up to 15 lbs of it by colon cleansing.

  5. Hi! I’m Brittany.I did -40 lbs last 1 month.Open\#MxRM

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