Clean/ Low-Carb Loading on the hCG Diet – Round 5

Heres the link to my loading days calories: You can buy hCG online for hCG injections or to m…

25 thoughts on “Clean/ Low-Carb Loading on the hCG Diet – Round 5

  1. Sounds like you are headed for a great round!! You got your load on! Oh my
    very dear, that little boy of yours is SO ADORABLE!!!

  2. Wow! That seemed like you would have gained a lot more, that’s awesome. My
    round 5 has been good so far; I hope yours is great too!

  3. Yay, glad to see someone entering P2 with me (I’m on VLCD2). I loaded per
    Delmam’s target load for 3 days. I’m sooo hungry today – boo 🙁 but it
    seems thats always the case for me in the first week. Great releases to us

  4. Hey! Always smart to follow Delmem’s advice- he’s one smart guy. Thankfully
    I’m not experiencing hunger- I definitely felt more hungry at the start of
    last round, but I Think that may be because I’m starting at the proper dose
    for me right off the bat instead of starting too high like I think I did
    last time.

  5. Yes I did get my load on! So far I feel like I did good as I haven’t been
    hungry today on day 1- it’s 4:30pm and all I’ve eaten are 100grams of meat
    and a handful of cherry tomatoes. I thought some of you “old-time hcgers”
    might like to see my son again since it’s been awhile- you guys probably
    remember him from when he was much little back in 2011.

  6. Thanks! I think he is cute too…:). Re the walmart drops- I’m pretty sure
    that anything off the shelf no longer contains any homeopathic hcg because
    of the recent stuff with the FDA- I could be wrong, but I’d stop the diet
    immediately and wait till the real hcg comes. People are deceptively
    labeling things in order to continue making money. So sad that people are
    being harmed by this!

  7. Best of luck on this Round, I know you will do well and you have taught
    folks a lot out here especially about body fat. Your son is awesomely
    cuteness! LOL

  8. Do you have a goal weight in mind for this round? I am close to ending my
    R2, and noticed I am hungry around 3pm and did not used to be. Maybe I
    should lower my dose since I now weigh less. I am inferring from this video
    that you lowered dose due to weighing less. Thanks! Adorable son u have!

  9. Welcome back to P2. I’ll be here another week or so. I am still clawing my
    way back to my lowest weight post wedding weekend. I learned a lot but
    gez…over a week? I think it is important to read our hCG literature every
    few rounds to keep the information fresh in our minds. I had not and I
    could have used a refresher. I had issues with the carb creep too between
    my last two rounds. I have a better plan this time now that I know I am not
    “cured” from gaining.

  10. what a cutie boy! I just finished loading too. Same situation, was gonna do
    3 days but just couldnt.

  11. Yay I got to see that precious boy of yours. Love when he does his cameos.
    🙂 Sounds like you loaded great! If I do another round I think I’ll do the
    fat/low carb loading as well. I don’t plan on adding much sugar back in –
    just now good for me.

  12. Awww thanks! This age is so fun isn’t it? He’ll be 3 next month. Let’s hope
    it stays scientific and my emotions dont get in the way lol.

  13. Aww thanks! It’s quite amusing to me now actually this firm intent on
    proving hcg wrong- my proof is so secure that it does work that it simply
    doesn’t matter what these people say- I just hope that they won’t mislead
    others into thinking it’s false or “dangerous”.

  14. Thanks! I thought some of you old timers when it comes to HCG would like to
    see how much he’s grown since it’s been awhile since I’ve had him in a
    vlog. Clean loading is THE way for me forevermore lol- it really works well
    for me and now there’s never a good reason to just go hog wild with sugar-
    that’s a mindset I just cannot allow myself to go to anymore.

  15. It was definitely a special treat to see him. 🙂 Yeah, sugar should just
    never be a part of the equation with me. One bite/taste and I unravel.

  16. hey Chica.. good luck with round 5 .. i am curious if you have loaded this
    way before? are the results, number wise better, or is it just to help you
    get over the first few days faster. oh my, he is getting so big and he
    talks so well, what a cutie.. kick but girl! xoxox

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