CirclemakersTV show28 Dr Simeon Hein

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  1. Matt your almost conditioning the guy to say its all humans, but he doesnt
    really believe matter how hard your trying to drop in the human
    factor to him. I know from circlemakers POV you need people interested in
    you guys and not forget the circle makers, so you have to add this “aliens
    are operating though circle makers” stuff to add a mysticism to circle
    makers .

  2. NIce show .. .I was wondering if Simeon or yourself have ever heard of NVG
    having any failures ?

  3. Very pleased to see you and Dr. Simeion Hine inter-acting. It’s about time
    you broadcas these open discussions.

  4. fascinating video.. especially the conclusion as to how it appears the
    circles are created. Bashar, when asked about who or what is making the
    crop circles, answers that they are a co-creation between humans and

  5. I share Bashar’s point of view on this and this is that there is an
    interaction going on,a conversation between humans,other terrestrial and
    extraterrestrial beings as part of co-creation.The human contribution to
    this is very similar to Banksy’s street art in that it is a form of
    statement like graffiti about us and our spiritual connection to other
    lifeforms,beings and entities.The so called hoaxers have made a good
    important contribution to the whole phenomenon !

  6. @chrisinahat Simeon is part of CSETI and they have close up UFO encounters.
    CVisiting the crop circles Simeon has experiences strange measurable
    effects witnessed wirth others present. This sounds like evidence to me. I
    dont know what your on about.

  7. @Gaiameck Try telling Michael Glickman that or Francine Blake or Janet
    Ossebard. Infact try telling them the sun rises in the East and they wont
    have it.

  8. when i look at this guy i laugh not to make fun of him. i believe what he
    is saying and ive experienced it but he radiates a kind soul. i know that
    sounds weird but so is life

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