Cheating on the hCG Diet- 6 Reasons Why and Thus How to Avoid It

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25 thoughts on “Cheating on the hCG Diet- 6 Reasons Why and Thus How to Avoid It

  1. This is just an overview and I’ll detail each reason and ideas for
    solutions in future videos.

  2. Thanks a lot chica, this really helped. I’m a newbee here from austria and
    im on vlcd 23, till now i did lose 15 pounds but im really dispointed from
    that it semms too little for me( my start weight was by the way 92 kg).
    However thanks a lot for your vlogs u r such a motivation for me. Wish u
    all the best

  3. You make such informative videos…I just love watching. Thank you for
    doing this for us and future people. Can’t wait for more.

  4. Chica, did you have that bad round due to Hashimotos? Which link under your
    vlog is to the vlog you mentioned about your health issue??? I don’t know
    which one to click.

  5. Awesome video :). Also see people fail when they treat protocol as a diet,
    this is not a diet…diet are what get us in a overweight position in the
    first place. Also people who don’t prepare protocol food ahead of time can
    contribute to cheating to.

  6. Boy these vlogs are looking so nice. I just love the color pallet,
    transitions, and guitar music 🙂 Oh and the content of course. Very nice
    work lady.

  7. Oh and I’ve never cheated, lol. Just kidding. Actually, I’ve had very few
    “cheats” but enough to know they come at a huge cost. Sometimes chronic
    cheating is a real sign someone is simply not ready. I’ve watched some past
    vloggers go off the rails and cheat day after day after day. Nuts. I always
    looked at it as a medical treatment to correct my hormones thus was pretty
    good at staying true to MOP. But as I’ve hit the end and did maintenance
    rounds, I’ve gotten looser = not good.

  8. Thank you! I’ve been trying to learn one new editing thing with each new
    video- that’s how I’m learning without getting overwhelmed! Thanks for
    giving your input, I totally agree- if someone’s not mentally ready it’s
    better to wait for sure!

  9. Ola chica, and yes of course as always I did find this vlog very useful,
    gonna watch it a couple more times to give me the heads up on moving
    forward and to do some homework and write things down first before getting
    started. Also, one thing that this vlog reminded me of was the fact that
    when something is done persistently for a certain amount of days the mind
    becomes automatically controlled that way or something like that. Just
    wondering if you’ve made a vlog on that or plan to? Thanks 🙂

  10. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! You are an awesome little lady
    and we all appreciate your input into our lives!!!! Your hCG knowledge is
    sooo helpful!!

  11. Wow 10! Thank you Donna. I feel like we can all beat our issues, and it
    helps to dissect them a little when we can.

  12. great video as usual… by the way What you think about the Wheat Belly

  13. I haven’t read it- I am 100% gluten free for over 2 years now already- I
    definitely believe for some it is a really good thing to eliminate- for me
    it was.

  14. This book does not also recommend the gluten free, it say the wheat is
    genetically modified to make people feel hungry and have cravings for food,
    I did eliminate wheat about 2 weeks ago and it works, no more carving, and
    sometime I forget that i did not eat 🙂

  15. Been doing this for about 8 days now and the weight seems to be falling of
    pretty well. I don’t know if this is good or not but i have been combining
    what little i know about HCG with Dr Fuhrmans “eat to live”. So i consume
    lots of green leafy produce yet manage to keep my calorie count at about
    475 to 550 per day. sure would like to hear your thought or anyone else
    that is knowledgeable.

  16. That’s sounds very reasonable and smart to me! Glad to hear you are doing
    well too. Would love to have you continue to check in with your progress on
    my facebook page hcgchica if you like as well. I love to hear people doing
    this protocol responsibly!

  17. Thank you very much- I’m so I come across that way as I really do want to
    get clear information out there but in a way that is kind. You are welcome!

  18. I wake up determined to stay on protocol… only to cheat a few hours
    later. I’m struggling so MUCH!

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