An Overview Of Common Dietary Supplements So You Can Make An Informed Decision

Because of massive increases in the rates of weight gain, the supplement industry is booming. In fact, sales of supplements are in the range of billions of dollars.

Unfortunately, because of loose regulations most products are a waste of money.

Thus, here are 6 dietary supplements reviewed:

1. Whey protein: More often than not your body is going to do better with solid protein because it digests slower. And slower digestion translates into better absorption. Now the only time you may want to take whey protein is right after exercise.

2. Dextrose: Dextrose is a powdered form of carbohydrate that doesn’t have to go through the normal digestive process, it goes right into your muscles. This makes it somewhat useful immediately after intense training.

3. Adrenal stimulants: Substances that stimulate your adrenal glands can really energize your body. So make sure you take them only when you need them most, otherwise the positive benefits will diminish. I recommend having small amounts right before a workout.

4. Calcium chews: Although calcium is very important, it shouldn’t be taken in excess. If you take too much you run the risk of developing kidney stones. Even worse, some research has shown that taking calcium can worsen the health of your heart.

5. Omega 3 fish oils: Although very healthy, many people are overdoing consumption here. Anything in excess is bad for you and omega three oils are no exception here. So never have more than 2 grams per day for the best health benefits.

6. Nitric oxide: Most products like NO explode have substances that increase nitric oxide in your blood. This in turn makes your muscles feel tighter when you exercise. While this feels good, it really isn’t going to change your body.

More often than not you are going to be far better off saving your money here. However, you can experiment with some of the above supplements and see how your body reacts.

Author Katherine Crawford, a fitness physiologist and recent arm fat sufferer, teaches how to tone your arms. Figure out how to get sexy arms by exploring her website with advice on how to get rid of arm fat right now!