After hCG Diet fitness – First Crossfit Rope Climb!

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25 thoughts on “After hCG Diet fitness – First Crossfit Rope Climb!

  1. You go Girl!! You look wonderful, thanks for sharing your accomplishment!!!
    Inspiring!! ((HUGS)) C

  2. Such a great journey you’ve had. I love sharing it with you…brought tears
    to my eyes! XoXo~Lynn

  3. SOmething tells me that’s not as easy as you make it look!! Great job and
    as always, thank you for sharing!!

  4. Way to go! You are such an inspiration. Maybe someday I can do something
    like that. I’ve got a LONG way to go.. just started HCG… on LCD 4. Your
    videos give me the extra boost I need!

  5. Well just keep it moving one day at a time! I had absolutely NO strength
    when I started crossfit a year and a half ago- squats with no weight left
    me so sore I could barely walk for like 3 days! It’s amazing how if you
    don’t think about how long it will take to get to a goal but instead just
    take it one day at a time, how you will be there before you k now it!

  6. I was breathing pretty hard after and wasn’t ready to do it again right
    after if that helps lol. The actually workout that day included doing 7-
    yes 7 rope climbs- in like 3 rounds which ends up being like 21 total-
    obviously I’m not nearly as strong as several others there yet- but for me
    it was a triumph!

  7. Aww thanks! I was proud- man I was so excited I could barely contain
    myself- and that all took place in Oregon ma dear! My crossfit doesn’t have
    a high enough ceiling to have a rope like that.

  8. No it’s not- hCG is used in weightloss clinics and fertility clinics all
    over the country- I hope that helps.

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