African Mango – Diet Drops -HCG

First video for the African Mango drops (1200mg). I will do an update video in 2 weeks. Follow Me on Twitter: @Little_Hobbit_93 Instagram: @lilhobbit93 Add m…

8 thoughts on “African Mango – Diet Drops -HCG

  1. my mommyy got it on amazon…. she had heard alot about it…..she tried it
    and it did not work… I think itss because she doesnt work out (back

  2. Actually Cindy, I take the hcg drops and I DON’T follow that ridiculous
    diet and I still lose about a pound a day…I’m NOT kidding! I eat
    basically what I want but I try to stay under 1,000 cals. I think if I
    really followed it and took the drops consistently I’d see even better
    results. In about 10 days (I only took the drops for about 5 6 days bc I
    forgot) I lost 7 pounds. So booyah!!!! With all due respect of course “)

  3. who is Cindy? lol (My name is Jessica) Exactly… My mother would forget to
    take it all of the time… But Im trying it… so we shall seeeeee… I do
    not diet (AT ALL).. I just work out on a daily basis.

  4. I was replying to Cindy somebody another…but on my phone i couldnt reply

  5. hi! is there any side effect coming out? e.g. heart beat becomes faster or
    sleeping disorder?

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