63 pounds lost in 43 days HCG Round 1

HCG diet- Round 1 phase 2- lost 63 pounds (update: I am at 100 pounds lost now so check out my new video- its a lot better)

25 thoughts on “63 pounds lost in 43 days HCG Round 1

  1. @chunknomore I had my hubby look at the old picture and he still said today
    I look the same 🙁

  2. @carissahcg sometimes hubby’s get a bit jealous when we are making progress
    with something. it’s insecurity…just be patient with him and dont ever
    ever let yourself be discouraged from doing something good for yourself.
    Your dealing with your weight and apparently he has issues with insecurity
    that need to be dealt with. I have one of those hubbies too…he will get
    over it. I hope you are still on track and doing well 🙂

  3. @kimnnnkim yes you can- just go slow and dont get your heart rate up to
    high and dont damage your muscles so no strength training, stick to sauna,
    treadmill walking, elliptical and biking- thats what I do

  4. @carissahcg so im guessin, i shouldnt pay for a personal trainer
    then…..yikes i wanted to do both bcuz i dont like the idea of loosin so
    much weight at 1 time bcuz it does cause loose skin………idk i was just
    thinkin i would b able to firm the skin

  5. @Samantha23 Yeah! its pretty amazing… I couldn’t resist the fact that I’m
    Overweight at that time.. Until I tried this diet program that my friend
    suggested me.. Its WeightLossAction.Info… I lost a hundred pound in just
    few weeks.. It was so amazing..

  6. @luvlife347 way to many calories, carbs and sugar and its not on the food
    list- you can only eat things on the list or the diet wont work

  7. @Jeanette7930 this is fake- I dont know how they can call it hcg when its
    hormone free- hcg is a hormone

  8. @DeezieDee423 yep, I was aware, thats why I did cycling my first round- 3
    weeks on, 3 weeks off and then 3 weeks on again

  9. @hitomischinchin She looks incredible, you’re an wrong! Go and take all of
    your feelings of animosity out on someone else. She put forth a great
    effort to control her eating and change her life, she deserves a
    congratulations, not hatred from someone who probably knows nothing about
    being overweight in the first place!

  10. hey im from phoenix also where did u go to get the hcg? did u go to a
    clinic? i need to lose some weight also if u could plz let me know thank u

  11. @TheExiledqueen my hubby is the same way- he tries to force me to cheat- I
    think that helped me though because I have an f-you attitude and him trying
    to make me cheat made me want it more

  12. Carissa i am so proud of you, was wondering i need a so called mentor for
    P3 or should i say a menu plan.Think you could help, plz email me
    mypps33@yahoo even willing to pay

  13. how did u inject? I’m about to start next week and i hope to have the same
    results as u and did u do any exercise ?

  14. Hi Carissa! I’m a new subscriber & have a few ?’s about the start of your
    journey. 1st off, congrats on your weight loss! You look absolutely
    beautiful! You said you did the cleansing stage 1st and lost some weight,
    was that included in your phase 1 total? Also, I think you said you started
    the VLCD while you were still waiting on your HCG, did you notice quite a
    change once you began the injections? I’m currently waiting on my
    injections as well & am really hoping to have great success

  15. Wow, wow, wow. Congratulations on making the decision to improve your
    health. You look beautiful!!!!

  16. Did you stick to 500 calories a day when you lost the 63 lbs? How did you
    do on this part. I’m curious how much of the success is owed to HCG. Did
    you eat 500 calories of anything? More Calories? Did you eat food from the
    lists or just anything?

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