54 lbs gone with hCG…taking a 3 day break for camping!

I’m on round 2 of hCG, Low calorie diet day 17. I’ve lost a total of 54 lbs so far on both rounds – not counting the loading weight I lost. I feel great! I’m…

25 thoughts on “54 lbs gone with hCG…taking a 3 day break for camping!

  1. I am a personal trainer and am interested in the details of what your
    husband is doing. I am doing the protocol myself now and am lean to begin
    with but trying to see how low it will take my body fat %. I am doing
    strict Simeons protocol however and not lifting much during this time. I
    think there is a good chance this could become a sort of pre-contest
    protocol but the jury is still out. I am only 11 days into P2. I have lost
    2% plus of body fat so far. Thanks

  2. Dr. Simeon says in “Pounds and Inches” that you do not need the loading
    days if you do not take more than 14 days during the break. Have fun

  3. I can’t believe how great you look–your face is so thin! I’m on R2 day 17
    also–only lost 12 so far but no stalls yet. I’ll probably do a 3rd round
    starting in January too–seems like we’re on the same path! 🙂

  4. You are the poster girl for hcg success! Seriously, I hope I do as well as
    you have especially on p3 and p4. But that’s still a ways away for me. Have
    fun camping.

  5. Yeah! You are doing so great! It’s fun sticking together…we can keep
    encouraging each other. Keep up the great work!

  6. Thanks for the reminder. I did the vlog before checking out all the
    specifics. I hope it works, I’ll let you know!

  7. congrats on your incredible journey so far! thanks for posting, i love to
    watch all the vlogs, it keeps me inspired. you look awesome!

  8. Look at your skinny little body! You are looking great! Its been so long
    since I have sat still and peeked in on my peeps! I gotta get back in the
    sattle! You are looking awesome! Im so happy for you! Im going back on P2
    the first part of OCT. so we will be hitting it again.

  9. You are doing so well. You are right-it is very exciting!!! Wow. Great job!
    You look marvelous!

  10. Wow you are my hero. You are doing great. I am in my 2nd round too. 28
    pounds first round 6 pounds this round with a 34lb total.

  11. did you ever get to post pictures of your Utah HCG gathering party? i would
    love to see them or hear abt it! thanks

  12. I thank you for these videos. I am thinking of starting the HCG. I am
    nervous and am looking into what effects this will have on my insulin
    resistance. Is is better to do the injections rather than the liquid form?
    Well Thank You for you website.

  13. im in my 3 week in o ready lost 18 pounds im in size 7 jr… wuauuuuuu this
    thing works really good in help you to educate about eat ealthy

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