5 Ways to Handle Food Temptations – Phase 3 & 4 Living after the hCG Diet

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8 thoughts on “5 Ways to Handle Food Temptations – Phase 3 & 4 Living after the hCG Diet

  1. The info you share is so Inspiring thank you! I hope for me it is humanly
    possible. 🙂 I do not consume white sugar but Im finding as I get older
    food and passivity “depression” is my choice over projects! And it shows!
    Phase one is going well! Blessings 

  2. I’m on R1P2 and I have 6 days left and you are such a blessing to all who
    are doing hcg and I’m so thankful for you and your videos!! 

  3. I love the HCG Diet! I am back on it again as even though I’ve maintained
    the weight I’ve lost January of 2013, I do tend to slowly slip and go back
    to my old habits and so I run to this diet to help keep me eating clean and
    keeping my healthy lifestyle in check! <3
    No other diet has worked for me like this one!
    I actually made a video yesterday (that hasn't been edited and uploaded and
    probably won't for a couple weeks or so) about starting back on this
    lifestyle change. But, like you mentioned, I didn't say that it was the HCG
    Diet because I don't care to hear the negative comments about it.
    As I tell people, "Don't knock it until you know it!" Or "don't knock it
    until you try it!"
    Keep up the good work! You look fantastic!

  4. I feel the same way about sugar and it affects me in a very powerful way.
    After finishing R2 I have slowly returned to eating unhealthy amounts of
    sugar and i feel out of control again. I have put 5 pounds back of the 45 i
    lost but next round i am going to more strongly do the mental prep to get
    rid of sugar completely as you have. Its a real struggle for me to avoid
    even when i feel sick from having it in my system! A real addiction. 

  5. +Rayzel HCGChica Hi my name is elundra and ive been watching your videos on
    youtube for about 2 years now and im trying to get myself prepared for
    another round this would be my therd in 3 years my first round i lost 50lb
    but i didnt change my eating habits . so my three questions for you are
    How many rounds of hcg did you do before you got to your goal weight ?
    And did you do them back to back after the required wait time ?
    And is it realistic for me to loose 70-76lbs in one round and stablize or
    am i setting myself up for failure ?

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