5 Myths About the hCG Diet

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10 thoughts on “5 Myths About the hCG Diet

  1. Thanks for all your time and knowledge. It’s all so helpful and inspiring.
    You’ve helped me in so many ways through my P2;)

  2. You look great! You remind me of how I looked in my 20’s when I was in the
    Marine Corps! And I was actually told that I had thin thighs, despite
    bicycling everywhere and having visible muscle.
    I had trouble losing weight on all the other protocols. The hcg was the
    first one where the weight came off, and as long as I was “good”, it stayed
    off and I enjoyed eating healthfully. (New Orleans was bad, even with
    walking 4 – 6 miles every day. I had to practically start over after that.
    Nearly at the same LDW as R1, darn it! My bad choices, I’m learning how to
    be better!)

    My therapist also said the same thing about being in balance. It’s an
    active thing. You see someone balancing on something, or balancing
    something in their hand, they are constantly making small adjustments to
    keep things up!

    I find hcg really helps me even after I finish a round. I am satisfied
    with less food, and I cook fresh and enjoy itl

    It really takes me about 5 minutes to throw a yummy healthy dinner
    together, with a thin steak and some salad, And using the MyFitnessPal, I
    can look up foods when I’m out and make better choices as well. 

  3. Great vlog!!!!! Loving hcg and hopefully it will start changing others

  4. Hi
    I have been watching you since 2012 I am so proud of you! You give me hope.
    I have been on hcg on and off for 2 years each time gaining more and more
    weight. I just brought another round and going to try it again. I need your
    help and support. I know people are asking you this all the time. I am a
    older woman with 7 children 3 are very young I want to be the best I can
    be. If God only give me a few more years I want to give my children a
    healthy outgoing mom not a sick over weight mom to remember. People don’t
    understand how weight truly play a big part in your life. It so crazy, its
    so hard to help yourself. You know certain things are bad and you still put
    it in your mouth. I need help! help! I want this I want to live!

  5. Pregnancy switches ur immune system from T1 immunity (antibody producing)
    to T2 immunity ( virus/parasite fighting). Pregnancy makes ur body pump out
    hcg. So it does affect how ur body responds to itself. Its possible that if
    ur body is making antibodies to itself, that it will stop doing this. What
    we do not know is how permanent this change is. For you, it seems to have
    had a lasting effect since u were able to decrease ur T3 meds. And that is
    fantastic. I do think u are a slightly special case since u have hashimotos
    but i also personally know people who have had success with hcg who did not
    have an autoimmune disorder. 

  6. If you would make a vid without all the rambling, simly put the 5 myths out
    there, I would watch it. 

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