3 HCG Diet Recipes

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6 thoughts on “3 HCG Diet Recipes

  1. You can’t have breakfast and you can only have one vegetable at a time;
    none of these are viable.

  2. You’re only making me hungry cuz my program states don’t eat breakfast, no
    oils (that means no dressings on chicken salad, and no noodles)

  3. started my diet 3days ago .i have lost as of this morning [sun,aug.6
    ,5onehalf lb’s .First time I have ever not been hungry.I save my fruit if I
    feel a hunger pang.

  4. This is not very informative. You’re not supposed to have breakfast except
    coffee or tea, You’re only supposed to have 2 servings of veggies a day and
    of A SINGLE veggie per meal, and pasta is NEVER an option as it contains
    carbs and sugars… (lists tofu or miracle noodles here) in case any of you
    overlooked that.

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